Project list

Here's a more or less complete list of all my projects, websites, applications, etcetera.
Okay, scratch that, it is nowhere near complete. Still, it's a decent list if you are interested in what I do.
Anything that I made that is no longer online, I remove from the list - it prevents clutter :-)

My own projects

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pattern Toolacpatterns.comENAn online application to create and edit Animal Crossing New Horizons and New Leaf patterns. An updated and significantly improved version of the older ACNL tool.Done, maintained
Animal Crossing New Leaf Pattern online application to create and edit Animal Crossing New Leaf patterns.Done
Animal Crossing Wild World Pattern program to edit Animal Crossing DS savegames with.Done minecraft server plugin that allows running a server in both online and offline mode at the same time.Done userspace Linux driver for the EMS NDS Adapter+.Done fast C++ Petrinet calculator.Done
Quotopiaquotopia.nlNLMy complete collection of quotes, crossreferences and with pictures.Done, maintained
RSR Clanrsrclan.comNL/ENA RuneScape clan I started a long time ago, and still exists.Done, maintained
Terlumterlum.comENAn MMORPG game I'm working on, free to play.On hold
Thulinmathulinma.comEN/NLThis website, of course.Done, maintained
Turtle Treasureturtletreasure.nlNLThe band in which I play drums. Just a placeholder right now.On hold
Vietor Kroniekvietors.comNLMy family's site, some kind of family blog.Done, maintained

Helping out with

Bumblebee Projectbumblebee-project.orgENA project aiming to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux.Done
MistServermistserver.orgENAn open source, multi-platform, multi-standard media server.Done, maintained

Built for others

Inge - Klankmeditatieingeburgers.nlNLMy mother's website.Done, maintained
Kwartierstaat van Dieuwertje Hornstraerichornstra.nlNLMy cousin's inverted family tree. The code that does the calculations is mine.Done, maintained
Literamusica en zojokeberensen.nlNLJoke Berensen's websiteDone
Viëtor Communicatie Trainingvietor-training.nlNLWebsite for one of my family membersDone